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56.9 sq. ft. Khaki Shimmering Foliage Wallpaper

56.9 sq. ft. Khaki Shimmering Foliage Wallpaper

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Precious metallic colors form geometrics, abstracts, and nature inspired patterns in Antonina Vella's Modern Metals wallpaper collection by York Wallcoverings. Durable and easy to remove from primed walls, this friendly to hang unpasted nonwoven wallpaper is created with a special blend of synthetic fibers, making it both easy to hang and tear resistant. Romance dwells among the shadows of Antonina Vella Shimmering Foliage Wallpaper, where precious metals turn what could have been commonplace trees into a mesmerizing and mysterious grove.

Easy to hang and remove in full strips from primed walls
Durable and washable
Requires a clear, non-staining, heavyweight premixed paste for installation
Prepare walls with universal wallpaper primer before installation for easier removal (recommended)

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