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NCAA LSU Tigers Wooden Retro Series Puzzle

NCAA LSU Tigers Wooden Retro Series Puzzle

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Enjoy a classic puzzle in a whole new way, with our 1/4 in. thick, wooden jigsaw puzzle. Made in the spirit of original puzzles from the 1930's, these organic puzzles are made of real wood. Each 'whimsy' piece is unique and laser cut into well-known shapes and sports objects - meaning every piece is also a work of art.

Classic wooden jigsaw puzzle
1/4 in. thick pieces made of real wood
Each puzzle shape is unique and drawn by hand
Puzzle is made up of more than 65 'whimsey' shapes, laser cut for the perfect fit
Puzzle pieces are cut in the shape of fun and recognizable football objects - such as players, helmets, fans and more, it's art within the art
333-pieces - no 2 are alike
Officially licensed and available in many teams

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