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2.3 HP Powerful Handheld Cleaning Sweeper Power Lawn Sweeper

2.3 HP Powerful Handheld Cleaning Sweeper Power Lawn Sweeper

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The traditional way of sweeping the floor with a broom is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to backache at the end of the process. Advancement in technology has brought about labor-saving and professional sweeping equipment which is ready to liberate you from the hassle of manual sweeping. This handheld power broom with a powerful fuel engine sweeps more efficiently than a manual sweeper, saving valuable time and making sweeping a pleasure.

Professional Cleaning Ability: Thanks to the robust dense nylon brush head that doesn't shed and doesn't damage floors easily, the sweeper not only removes dirt and leaves effortlessly, but also reliably clears snow and grit from driveways and sidewalks in winter.
High-quality Material: The aluminum rod is lightweight, rustproof, corrosion-resistant, and drop-resistant. PP engine shell is high temperature resistant and shockproof to provide better protection for internal parts.
Great Power: With its two-stroke fuel engine, this sweeper has a powerful horsepower(1.25 kw) which allows it to clean large areas quickly and efficiently to save more valuable time and make sweeping an enjoyable experience.
Large Cleaning Area: This large brush head of 9.4*20inch allows you to clean large areas over the same period compared to a normal broom.
User-friendly Design: The large fuel tank, which holds 0.26 gallons of fuel, provides great convenience for extended use without frequent refueling. Only press the throttle safety lock and throttle at the same time to start sweeping to avoid inadvertent touch and ensure the safety of use.
Easy and Comfortable to Operate: The one-touch off button and manual starter (pull 3-5 times) make it simple to use, so even novices can master it quickly. The strap brings weight sharing from the arm to the shoulder, relieving arm fatigue. Its enlarged padding also reduces the pressure on your shoulder.
Good Heat Dissipation: The heat dissipation holes on the engine can effectively dissipate heat to ensure stable operation, reduce noise, and prolong the service life of the machine.
Adjustable Speed: The speed can be regulated (6500-8500rpm) by controlling the throttle so that you can select different speeds for different scenarios to achieve a higher cleaning efficiency.
Damper Slider: The damper sliders on the engine ensure your engine running performance by closing the dampers upward before a cool start and opening them downward after a start.
Package Included1 * Main Machine (with Engine and Rod)1 * Connection Rod1 * Brush Head1 * Protective Glasses1 * Curved Baffle1 * Shoulder Strap1 * Funnel1 * Fuel Oil Mixing Bottle1 * English ManualOther Accessories for Assembly
Notes1.Please carefully read the manual and strictly follow the precautions to have a better experience.2.Please note that a two-stroke engine requires a fuel mixture (gasoline:oil/25:1). If only gasoline is added, engine damage may result.3.Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

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