CasHiMira 56 Bubinga Thin Line met Cutaway

690,00 € each

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Hele mooie en zeer goed klinkende CasHiMira 56 Bubbinga Thin line met Cutaway.

Deze CasHiMira 56 Bubbinga Thin line met Cutaway is nieuw en is gebouwd in Juli, 2015.

100% hand gemaakt in Spanje en daarna zijn uit een serie de beste uitgeselecteerd door onze inhuis gitaar virtuoos. Of je nu klassiek, jazz, of pop speelt, deze gitaar kan het makkelijk aan

100% handmade in Spain, Solid Spruce top and African Rosewood back and side gives to this guitar an amazing tone and an incredible feeling. It is without a doubt a high quality guitar that will suit the most demanding guitar players.

Cashimira are really superb guitars and this model is a fine example of their overall outstanding quailty. 
No one builds nylon strung guitars as well as the Spanish and Cashimira are a shining example of this. 
If you are thinking of buying a nylon string, get one of these.

Exceptional attention to detail by the luthiers of this 3 generation old family business ensure that you are getting an instrument tha has been lovingly crafted by a human being as opposed to churned out on a mass production line. Ask yourself whether you prefer your Spanish guitar to be hand crafted in Spain, or Factory assembled in the far East.

At this price point, its a no brainer. Playability and sound quality are all exceptional.


  • Solid Spruce Top
  • African Rosewood, Bubbinga back and sides.
  • Wooden Rosette Inlay
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Rosewood Profile
  • Scale: 65.0 cm
  • Length al guitar: 100 cm 
  • Depth: 9.7 cm 
  • High B : 28.2 cm 
  • Lower B : 37.1cm 
  • Neck width at 12 th fret : 6.3 cm
  • Neck width at 0 fret: 5.4 cm


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