CasHiMira 130 Palosanto

890,00 € each



This handmade classical guitar has a solid red Cedar top; Rosewood body; and an ebony fingerboard. The guitar plays easy due to it´s low action and finely ground frets. There are Rosewood decorative protective bindings on the front and back. The head is veneered with Rosewood to match the bodywork.


The red Cedar top delivers a high overtone content and low fundamental content. This top produces a dark tone, bursting with flavor. Rosewood is one of the best tonewoods on the market. It has a warm, rich, responsive tone that has clear and tight bass projection without overshadowing sparkling midrange or trebles.

  • Weight in grams WT 1.405 gram
  • Scale SC 645 mm
  • Total lenght TL 990 mm
  • Body depth at waist WD 100 mm
  • Lenght of head HL 185 mm
  • Width of fingerboard at 12th fret F12 63 mm
  • Width of fingerboard at nut F0 54 mm
  • Depth of neck and fingerboard at 9st fret N9 25 mm
  • Width of upper bout UB 272 mm
  • Width of lower bout LB 357 mm


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