Cashimira 104 Flamenca

1.096,22 € each



This handmade flamenco guitar has a solid German Spruce top; Cypress body; and an Ebony Carbonero fingerboard. The bridge is made from Royal Cedar from Honduras and there are Rosewood decorative protective bindings on the front and back. The head is veneered with Rosewood. The guitar plays easy due to it´s finely ground frets, which are made of Alpaca (also known as German Silver).


The solid German Spruce top sounds transparent and produces a large variety of tone colours. This top in combination with a Sycamore body delivers a quick response and a warm timbre. Cypress is one of the few coniferous woods used for Flamenco guitars. Remarkable is its fresh intensive, aromatic smell, which lasts for years. A supreme wood for powerful flamenco guitars full of brilliance..


Cashimira 104 Flamenca

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